In a large and developing economy the pattern of production and consumption changes rapidly. Here, the ability to quickly respond to these changes determines the success of a business enterprise. The marketplace is the interface between product and consumer. All market and customer driven business enterprises therefore tailor their strategy, based on the marketplace. Our Primary Market Research solution addresses specific research issues with accurate market research which is essential for new businesses looking to understand their marketplace, their customers and their competitors.

Offering first hand information that comes directly from source i.e. your potential customers and is new data that has never been collated before. The ultimate goal of our primary market research services for entrepreneurs is to gain relevant insight into their target market that could not otherwise be gleaned from existing data.

Benefits of Mnemonics Primary Market Research Services:

  1. Addresses Specific Research Issues
  2. Greater Control
  3. Efficient Spending for Information
  4. Proprietary Information
Pricing on request and dependant on number of users and geographical coverage.